Tutorial: Format External Hard Drive to FAT32

In this video, I demonstrate how to format an NTFS hard drive into a FAT32 partition using OSX and Windows 7.

Why use a FAT32 partition?

This process can be tricky for some, so I hope this video helps when you need your hard drive in this file system. The most common uses for a FAT32 partition in my opinion are either for older operating systems, or for the Playstation 3 console. Keep in mind when doing that all data on your hard drive will be erased! Be sure to backup all of your data!

Also, a FAT32 partition has a file size limit of 4gb. a folder can be >4gb total, but any 1 file that is bigger than 4gb will not be transferred to this drive if you format it! This is one benefit of NTFS over a FAT32 partition. I hope this tutorial helps anybody out that needs helps doing this!

Example of formating a FAT32 partition

This is the code from the video: format *drive letter*: /FS:FAT32

e.g. format c: /FS:FAT32

Having trouble formating a FAT32 partition? Discuss…

Let us know if you having any problems formating to a FAT32 partition of if you have any other information regarding formatting in Windows 7? Let us know by posting a thread about formating a FAT32 partition in our forums!

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